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Conference Date: March 15 – March 17

We are delighted to welcome schools to attend the annual MUNiSC Conference in Qingdao, China. MUNiSC is a three-day conference for 8-12th grade students that simulates the work of the United Nations. The spring conference of approximately 400 students has historically occurred at the end of March. It is a great experience for students and schools looking to enter MUN.

Amidst a very unusual year that has witnessed the continued conflict in Syria, rising tension in the Korean Peninsula, and brutal racial cleansing in Myanmar, we would like to focus our conference on the importance of joining the fight against human trafficking as a means of establishing a safe society . Human trafficking is an issue which is often neglected and does not receive as much attention as it should. Contrary to common beliefs, human trafficking for slavery, sexual pleasure, organ harvesting, etc. is common. According to UNICEF, it is estimated that 21 million people were victims of human trafficking as of September 11, 2017. Human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry which affects all countries, in every continent. Though efforts have been put forth to combat this infringement of human rights, the field of human trafficking continues to develop as technological development allows traffickers to find new ways of kidnap, manipulation, and coercion. During the 3-day conference, delegates will debate on issues such as sex trafficking of migrants, the spread of trafficking in supply chains, and the prevention of trafficking online.

It is utterly important that we focus on this issue during the 10th annual MUNiSC conference. We hope that all who participate in this conference will gain substantial knowledge and join us in the fight against human trafficking.

MUNiSC 2018
Secretariat Team