General Assmebly I

  1. Implementing the Rule of Law on the Internet and in the Wider Digital World
  2. Measures to Establish a Compromise between Traditional Law and Government Law in South Asia
  3. Measures to promote transparency in the National Security Forces in Sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Promoting effective management of waste disposal in Africa

General Assmebly II

  1. Improving Persistent Poverty and Rising Income Inequality and the Establishment of Solid Social Protection in Southeast Asia
  2. Measures to Reduce Cases of Money Laundering Worldwide
  3. Measures to alleviate aging population and declining population growth in developed countries
  4. Measures to Regulate Latin American Mining to Sustain Social, Political and Economic Stability

Disarmament Commission

  1. Measures to Prevent Illegal Weapon Trade
  2. Regulation the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Combats
  3. Measures to Regulate North Korea’s SLBM and Nuclear Testing
  4. Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in Wars and Armed Conflicts

Economic and Social Council

  1. Measures to Eradicate Deforestation for Sustainable Development
  2. Measures to Guarantee the Rights and Freedoms of Indigenous People in Brazil
  3. The Issue of Post-conflict Reconstruction in the Middle East
  4. Devising strategies to manage growing youth unemployment

Human Rights Council

  1. Measures to Combat Modern Day Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia
  2. Measures to Combat Child Labor in Middle East Asia
  3. Measures to Facilitate Peaceful Protest and Protection
  4. Protection of the Rights of a Disabilities Person

General Conference

  1. Bridging the Wealth Gap Between Developing Nations and Developed Nations Through the Exploitation of Technology
  2. Ensuring the Protection of Human Rights through Promoting Democratic Transitions Worldwide
  3. Eradicating Discrimination of Laws and Ensuring Equal Applicaiton of Laws towards Everyone
  4. Ensuring to Achieve Lasting Peace in the Aftershock of Conflicts by Achieving the Rule of Law

Security Council

  1. Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts
  2. Situation in Liberia
  3. Situation in Venezuela
  4. Situation in Western Sahara

Advisory Panel

  1. Combating Humanitarian Crisis
  2. Ensuring the regulations of arms controls and ammunition
  3. Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Governance
  4. Strengthening border security

Youth Assmebly

  1. Youth and Human Trafficking
  2. Youth and Mental Handicaps
  3. Youth and Unhealthy Diet