Disarmament Commission

James Lee

International School of Qingdao

Greetings everyone! Welcome to MUNiSC 2018.

My name is James Lee, currently attending to International School of Qingdao. It is my honor to serve 10th anniversary of MUNiSC conference as the President of Disarmament Commission. Although I’m one of the student officers now, I had once been a delegate in many conferences. And of course, I fully understand how nervous it is to give a single speech in front of tens of audiences. Everyone goes through that experience. However, if you’re able to make your first speech, that one little speech would be the fuel that will encourage you to go far forward. Don’t try to be perfect and believe in what you think. No one expects you to be perfect and no one blames just because you have different thoughts.

I’m not looking for the overall debate to be fruitful and highly qualified. If one person can make a progress, that would be a way more valuable and fruitful accomplishment. Hope to see you guys soon at the conference!

Michelle Kim

International School of Qingdao


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