Economic and Social Council

Yu Na Kim

ECOSOC President

Honorable delegates, esteemed guests, and fellow student officers,

My name is Yu Na Kim, currently attending International School of Qingdao, and It is a great honor and privilege to serve as your president of Economic and Social Council at MUNiSC 2019.

All 4 issues that are tackled in the ECOSOC committee are carefully chosen to address the very issues that have been plaguing our world continuously, with great emphasis on the causes of poverty. For decades, the global community struggled to cope with a constant surge of poverty, which triggered countless preventable casualties. In hopes to resolve such issue, here is where your role as a delegate becomes crucial. As delegates representing your country, each delegate has great duty to listen, think, and project voice from the perspective of current diplomats. While fully representing your country, delegates are to produce thoughtful and feasible solutions through active cooperation and professional level of thinking.

With that in mind, it is within my utmost optimism and hope that each and all delegates will face the challenge, step out of personal comfort zones, and most importantly, make inroads in reducing poverty.

I wish you all the best.


Yu Na Kim

BJ Kim


AhSong Cho