General Assembly 1

Paula Kim

GA1 President


My name is Paula  Kim, currently a senior attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my utmost honor to serve as the Head President of my favorite committee, in my favorite conference, as I mark the end of my 5 years of MUN career. 

Poverty exists right beside to us, but it is also furthest away from us. Poverty has so many facets that it is truly impossible for us to identify a ‘root cause’ of it. Thus, just like untangling a ball of messy wool, we need to tackle many different problems, one by one. This year, the issues that are to be discussed in General Assembly 1 does a great job in widening our view towards poverty. Through our debates, I hope that we would take a different approach to understand why so many people suffer from poverty when we have more than enough food and wealth to meet everyone’s basic needs. It’s not merely about sending humanitarian aid, raising awareness, or allowing more refuge: Poverty is much more than that. 

I strongly encourage all the delegates to devote more time and effort in preparation for the conference. Throughout my past 5 years of MUN career, I have attended 8 conferences as a delegate, and 5 conferences as a chair. The most important lesson that the experience taught me is that the fruitfulness of the debate roots from the great store of knowledge that delegates have concerning the issues. The conference is a great opportunity for one to grow in many ways, but if you are not ready to seize your moment, it will be wasted. Beyond that, the preparation process will provide a valuable time for you to take a step forward in understanding the world as the future generation of this globalizing world. 

MUNiSC is special to me in many ways: It not only gave me opportunities to grow as a public speaker and a critical thinker, but it also helped me to develop as a leader and most importantly, as a human being. I hope I could aid you in your growth throughout the 3 days of the conference, and beyond.”

Thank you,

Paula Kim

Michelle Kim


Tony Cho