General Assembly 1

Paula Kim

International School of Qingdao


Welcome to MUNiSC 2018, General Assembly 1! My name is Paula Kim, currently attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my utmost honor to serve as the President of General Assembly 1 this year.

General Assembly 1 is my favorite committee as it gives people a lot of different opportunities to develop their skills in public speaking as well as debating. Yet, it is important not to be overwhelmed by the atmosphere since you are a delegate with an important voting privilege, and your influence is massive in a committee as a delegate. When debating, ‘compromising’ is the key. This year, we are concentrating on 4 crucial topics that influences thousands of daily lives. They might sound like a faraway story, but as global citizens, we are not detached from their grief. Hence, when you prepare for this conference, and when you debate, please remember that the victims of the issue are still suffering. Work hard to find ways, and compromise with others rather than force your thoughts, for the victims.

I remember the first time attending MUNiSC as a delegate in General Assembly 1- nervous, anxious, and stressed. When I made my first speech, I remember hearing my heart beat as I read the speech I wrote with a shivering voice. Although I totally failed on that speech, I was, and I am still proud of myself, because I unabashedly fought through my fears, and the content the speech gave me was so great that it still motivates me to continue with my MUN career. I hope MUNiSC 2018 General Assembly 1 will provide you with the same experience. ‘Use’ this chance as a stepping stone in your MUN career, and beyond.

I wholeheartedly support your preparation process. See you in the conference!

Billy Kim

International School of Qingdao


Giulia Andronico de Morais Salle

United Wold Colleges Changshu

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