General Assembly 2

SiHoo Lee

GA2 President


This is SiHoo Lee from Tianjin International School, and it is both my pleasure and privilege to serve as the President of General Assembly II in MUNiSC 2019. This conference marks my twelfth conference and sixth conference as a chair.

I can sympathize with every single one of the delegates who are not yet comfortable with the overwhelming procedures and intense debate since I was standing in your place just a few years ago. Nevertheless, because MUN is an extraordinary experience that can greatly help you in various areas, I urge you to challenge yourself by making speeches and POIs. I know that my words cannot motivate you to make more speeches, but I can guarantee that by stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to gain an irreplaceable experience.

As the contemporary heterogeneous world is sadly marked by ongoing conflicts, there are numerous issues that are yet to be resolved. I hope to explore some of these issues with the delegates in this conference.

I look forward to seeing the fruitful debate, and I truly hope you all would make the best out of this conference.

Good luck everyone!

James Kang


Nina Guillemaux