General Assembly 2

Reem Traboulsi

United World Colleges Changshu

Fellow delegates,

Model United Nations, I believe, is an experience that does not conclude when declared so, but endures within us throughout all our succeeding endeavors. The knowledge one acquires during MUN and the skills one develops are not restricted to the confines of the conference – they are carried out in our daily lives, with the people we speak to and the beliefs we adamantly stand by. To me, MUN is about engaging in global issues that have been affecting our fellow brothers and sisters across the world, attempting to understand the perspectives of governments and the basis upon which their decisions are made, challenging our ability to remain diplomatic throughout a debate, and speaking passionately about a certain topic. MUN sparks the flame within each of us that ignites our fervent fires, triggering our enthusiasm to learn and share.

With MUN I have seen myself grow from a timid, hesitant, and stuttering delegate to one ready to take the floor, speak her beliefs, and diplomatically debate those who challenge her. Now, as the President of the General Assembly 2, I am excited to watch all of you raise your placards, declare your stances, and fight for what your nations believe in.

Ignite your fires and feel empowered. Cheers to a fruitful debate!

Anna Li

International School of Qingdao


Wendy Cho

International School of Qingdao