Helpful Links

Best Delegate Research

This link is a compilation of research links that are organized by topics. Topics include national security, human rights, and more.


AMUN Research

This link is also a compilation of research links, but it isn’t as organized. There are three main groups – links to UN organs and documents, links to UN bodies and organizations, and links outside of the UN.


BBC News World

The BBC is a news center that consistently demonstrates accuracy and easy readability. If delegates are looking for news articles, this source is one to consider.


UN News

What better place to go for information than the UN website itself? This part of the website is dedicated to world news, and its articles are generally more brief and concise.


CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook has information on virtually every country in the world. The information includes facts such as literacy rates or the size of the country, and it includes descriptions of the countries background and history. When researching information on your delegation, this site will be helpful in providing what you might need to know.