Human Rights Council

Allison Ga Yun Lee

HRC President


My name is Gayun Lee (Allison), a senior in Qingdao Daewon School. It is a great honor to serve you as a Head President of Human Rights Council I for MUNiSC 2019. I still remember my first experience in MUN. I spent hours participating in my first MUN with anxieties and worries. Even though I was not satiated with myself, but I was still proud of myself as being one of the delegates. Being a part of a committee was one of the most utmost experiences I could have. Sharing ideas with other delegates with different backgrounds and perspectives allowed me to take a new step forward and I became a sociable and outgoing person who actively communicate with diverse people.

It was difficult for me to merge a resolution, write amendments, and make a speech at first. However, the key for me to overcome these was cooperation—the source of my confidence on the podium.

Delegates, please don’t be afraid to stand on the podium and be ready to cooperate with the delegates. As a Head President of your committee, I won’t hesitate to help all of you and I will do my best to provide you the most memorable MUN experience.

See you in the conference!

Tuneesha Roy


Joey Cho