Human Rights Council 1

Joon Seo Chang

Qingdao Daewon School

Hi! My name is Joonseo Chang, currently a senior at Qingdao Daewon School, and I have the pleasure of serving as the President of the Human Rights Council at MUNiSC 2018.

This will be my 4th and last year participating in MUNiSC. When I look back, I just can’t believe how quickly time has passed since the day I stepped into my first MUN conference. I remember how I would spend every single second in nervous motion, constantly fidgeting with my pen and stroking my imaginary goatee. In a state of deep internal mourning, I stood up to make my first official opening speech. While I don’t remember the exact words coming out of my mouth, I vividly recall how each vibration in my throat felt like a punch, how my vision had suddenly become blurred, and how my face had dyed into a deep tomato red. But as I finished and sat back down, I could not help but feel a tingle of adrenaline.

Fast forward to the present; I have now participated in over 20 conferences, won many prestigious awards, yet am still afflicted with the “tomato-face syndrome” of my first year. If experience has taught me anything, it is this unequivocal truth: Nerves are universal and non-discriminatory. Even those you might call ‘veteran’ delegates have them. So, when you arrive at MUNiSC and hear my self-proclaimed suave voice calling out your delegation’s name, just grasp your plaque card and respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: YOLO.

I’ll see you all at MUNiSC! Shout-out to Julia, Julie, Wu, Jeffrey, Noel, Henry, Alex, Sam, James, Olive, Angel, Jane, Angela, Patrick, Belina, Eric, Minjae, Joshua, Cindy, Neo, Joy, and all the other unsung heroes who made the incredible memories I made at MUNiSC possible.

Yu Na Kim

International School of Qingdao


Ah Song Cho

Tianjin International School