Human Rights Council 2

Jennifer Cho

HRC2 President


My name is Jennifer Cho, currently a senior attending Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province (QISS). It is an utmost honor to serve you as the head president of the Human Rights Council for the upcoming MUNiSC 2019. When I attended MUNiSC in grade 9, as an inexperienced delegate, I was unfamiliar with MUN procedures, unprepared for the debate, and ignorant to topics. During the three days of the conference, I only spoke twice. I didn’t know how to merge a resolution, write an amendment, and distinguish problems in resolutions. Although I could not speak actively at the podium and answer all point of information brought by other delegates, I focused on how others participate and learned from them. I was a different person in the second MUN conference I attended. Based on what I learned from the first experience, I could develop myself as a better delegate, better global citizen. Now, I am here as a head president. Delegates, don’t feel embarrassed to learn from other delegates.

Don’t hesitate to speak. The more you participate, the more you will get from MUN. I look forward to passionate participation from you all!

Robin Jung


Ga Young Son