General Assembly 1

  1. Rebuilding and Helping the Displaced People of the DR Congo
  2. Dealing with the Issue of Child Labor in Asia
  3. Addressing the Rising Proportions of Aging Populations in Most Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs)
  4. Increasing Access to Potable Water in Poverty-Stricken Countries

General Assembly 2

  1. Mitigating the Consequences of Climate Change Around Coastal Areas
  2. Tackling the Issue of Food Insecurity within Venezuela
  3. Dealing with the Overpopulation and Congestion Issue within South and Southeast Asia
  4. Continuing to Deal with the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

Disarmament Commission

  1. Strengthening and Renewing the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty to Promote Global Nuclear Disarmament
  2. Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflicts Occurring in the Middle East
  3. Preventing the Weaponization of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Promoting a Sustainable World Peace through the Engagement of Youth

Economic and Social Council

  1. Improving Global Economic Cooperation and Trade through Alleviating the Tension and Discouraging Trade Wars
  2. Adapting to the Growing Middle Class in Asia
  3. Developing Measures to Prevent Health Issues Caused by an Increase in Proximity Between People in Places of Residence due to Overpopulation
  4. Facilitating Measures to Close the Gender Gap in Labor Force Participation

Human Rights Council

  1. Empowering Women through Increasing Access to Contraception in Africa
  2. Improving the Living Conditions for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Latin America
  3. Combating the Practice of Honor Killings in the Middle East
  4. Addressing the Violation of Freedom of Speech in the Middle East

Advisory Panel

Situation in Venezuela

  1. Alleviating the Impact of the Refugee Crisis
  2. Developing Methods to Rein in the Effects of Hyperinflation
  3. Preventing Unjustified Attacks of Security and Political Forces on Opposing Parties and Civilians
  4. Providing Humanitarian Support

Security Council

  1. Situation in Venezuela
  2. Situation in Philippines
  3. Situation in Cameroon
  4. Discussing Measures to Prevent Arbitrary and Unilateral Use of Economic Sanctions and Promote Economic Coprosperity and Cooperation