General Assembly 2

  1. Mitigating the Consequences of Climate Change Around Coastal Areas
  2. Tackling the Issue of Food Insecurity within Venezuela
  3. Dealing with the Overpopulation and Congestion Issue within South and Southeast Asia
  4. Protecting the Rights of Journalists and the Freedom of Media

Advisory Panel

Situation in Venezuela

  1. Alleviating the Impact of the Refugee Crisis
  2. Developing Methods to Rein in the Effects of Hyperinflation
  3. Preventing Unjustified Attacks of Security and Political Forces on Opposing Parties and Civilians
  4. Providing Humanitarian Support to Civilians

Security Council

  1. Situation in Venezuela
  2. Situation in the Philippines
  3. Situation in Cameroon
  4. Promoting Cooperation for the Arctic Region