Executive Officers

Judy Park
International School of Qingdao

Among the provocative headlines of terrorist attacks in Las Vegas or Somalia, tensions with the DPRK, and independence movements of Spain and the Kurds, how often do you notice the issue of human trafficking? Unless you are a huge advocate, my guess is “never”. Yet, the issue of human trafficking is not to be neglected. Sex trafficking as prostitutes or comfort women, forced labor of both adults and children, and victims of organ harvesting all fall under human trafficking. Although human trafficking and slavery seem to be a distant issue, victims of human trafficking are everywhere, hidden away from the spotlight.

As Co-Secretary General, I have a vision for my last MUNiSC conference: to spark a change in each individual. Last year as Head of Administrative staff, I asked all participants to change by just a small nudge. I didn’t hope for sudden, life-changing 3-day conference. All I needed was a small step into accepting our reality and acknowledging it. This year, I want each participant to take one more step. It would give me great joy if all participants of MUNiSC, whether they are delegates, officers, media staff, Admin staff, advisors, or even our Secretariat Team, take another step out of their comfortable bubble so that they may see those fighting. Those fighting against poverty, discrimination, and violence. Those fighting for freedom, independence and rights. Those fighting to be heard. Those fighting for life. Those fighting for a future.


Nicholas Key
International School of Qingdao

Delegates, chairs, and everyone else attending MUNiSC 2018,

My name is Nicholas Key, and it is my utmost pleasure to be serving all of you as Co-Secretary-General at MUNiSC 2018. I have been involved in MUN since 8th grade, and this will be my fifteenth conference. I have been a delegate and chair multiple times, but this is my first time as a member of the Secretariat team. I am looking forward to this new experience with excitement and nervousness.

Throughout my many years of MUN I have learned many valuable lessons, but perhaps the most valuable is to always have a purpose. When you are writing your resolution, debating passionately about issues, or arguing furiously with fellow delegates about the various ways to solve poverty, or hunger, or human trafficking, you should have a purpose behind your actions. Decide beforehand what it is you want to accomplish at the conference. Keep this purpose at the front of your mind.

I plan on working with the Secretariat team in order to create a conference that fosters growth in delegates – growth in basic speaking abilities, but also growth in their knowledge of real world events and the consequences and effects these events bring on all peoples. My purpose is to inspire delegates to take lessons they learn in MUN and apply them to their lives, in the hopes that one day they can make a difference in the world.

I am looking forward to serving all of you at MUNiSC 2018, and I hope you all grow as students, delegates, and people in the duration of the conference. 

Steven Kim
International School of Qingdao

My name is Steven Kim, and it is my utmost pleasure to be serving you as the Deputy Secretary-General at MUNiSC 2018.

A timid delegate who attended his first conference in 2012, now prepares to attend his final conference as the Deputy Secretary-Gerneral. I can say with confidence that MUN has transormed me from an introvert to extrovert. Morevoer, MUN has allowed me to develop the ability to clearly deleiver thought, to compromise and negotiate with people, to percieve a situation from different angles, and to interact with new people. You should not expecte a dramatic changes in the duration of the conference. However, you will achieve the aforementioned abilites by your final conference.

As the Deputy Secretary-General, I encourage all delegates to actively particiapte. Do not be afraid to parcipate as there is nothing to be afraid of. It is alright to make mistakes as it part of the learning process. Even the veteran delegates make mistakes, but it is their boldness that covers. Hence, trust yourself, and be bold. I hope that MUNiSC 2018 will be a valuable and enjoyable time that you develop yourself.

Jasmine Cho
International School of Qingdao

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Prospective Delegates,

Welcome to MUNiSC 2018! My name is Jasmine Cho, and I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve you as the Head of Administrative Staff this year.

Although our debates in MUN conferences will remain as a simulation, the nights I spent to write the resolutions and the momentary nervousness and stress on the podium were not in vain; 4 years of my MUN career has expanded my perspective on issues beyond our borders and pushed me to be an active citizen in our world. In MUNiSC 2018, therefore, I’m eager to be part of the Secretariat team to prepare and coordinate the conference—to create a motivating environment that provides opportunity to experience the joy of crafting solutions to the greatest problems of our time.

Having participated in the last three MUNiSC Conferences, I am certain that MUNiSC 2018 will once again have great and viable solutions towards the topics discussed; as the Head of Administrative Staff, I will make sure that the delegates have all the conditions to reach the best resolutions.

See you on March!