General Assembly I

  1. Strengthening global counter-terrorism organizations, systems, and polices
  2. Combatting sex trafficking of Northern African migrants to Italy and other European places
  3. Diminishing the effects of hydroelectric mega dams in Latin America
  4. Mediating the tension arising from independence movements worldwide

General Assembly II

  1. Measures to stabilize economic and social repercussions of refugees occupied in European countries
  2. Mitigating the consequences of brain drain in developing countries
  3. Measures to end online human trafficking and enhance online security
  4. Ensuring transparency of actions and reports of government and NGOs, and urges cooperation with the UN through compromise

Disarmament Commission

  1. Mitigating the trade of illicit arms on the Russo-Ukraine border
  2. Encouraging the de-escalation of North Korean nuclear missile tests
  3. Prohibiting the development, production, and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on their destruction
  4.  Preventing suicidal attacks performed by terrorist groups

Human Rights Council I

  1. Balancing the rate and magnitude of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  2. Preventing the further spread of tracking of women and children in supply chains
  3. Ending the practice of sex-selectionve abortions in Asian countries
  4. Protecting the rights of victims of sexual harassment and trafficking

Human Rights Council II

  1. Ending the recurring persecution of Rohingya Muslims
  2. Improving the UN’s involvement in sexual exploitation and abuse
  3. Securing civil liberties in Norther Africa and Middle Eastern countries
  4. Elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

Economic and Social Council

  1. Eliminating the detrimental effects of multi-nations corporations on the economic development and well-being of LEDCs
  2. Encouraging an increase in the number of people with access to identification documents
  3. alleviating the side-effects of urbanization in South East Asia and Latin America
  4. Maintaining the sustainable development within the global aging

Advisory Panel

Situation in Yemen

  1. Mitigating the consequences of Saudi-coalition attacks on civilians
  2. Creating measures to bolster contracting economies
  3. Implementing measure to facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid
  4. Measures to promote accountability and eliminate corruption in governments

Security Council

  1. Situation in Yemen
  2. Situation in Myanmar
  3. Situation in DPRK: managing the development of nuclear weapons
  4. Situation in South Sudan